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Risk Management Solution

Our comprehensive, FFIEC-compliant Risk Management Solution gives you the tools to assess and effectively control risks throughout your institution. Identify operational risks associated with IT, GLBA, BSA, SOX, AML and more by examining your institution's:

    + Operating Environment
    + Internal & External Audit Results
    + Security Controls (Physical/Data/Communciations)
    + Policies & Procedures
    + Cendor Compliance & Viability

Our Risk Management Solution even helps you to prepare an action plan to mitigate identified risks. And maintenance tools help keep your data up-to-date, ensuring that FFIEC and NCUA requirements remain adequately addressed.

Best of all, our Risk Management Solution is fully integrated with all CAPlus products, so you can use existing data from your CAPlus, BCP, and Vendor Management Assistant databases to get started—saving your institution time and money.


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